Rapture Arabians

Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse Breeding

Our move is complete!

We have relocated from the beautiful Finger Lakes region of Central New York to equally beautiful Middle Tennessee. We have a lot of work yet to complete on this new farm, but things are starting to take shape. Due to the death of our stallion, Prince Rex, in 2012, we are not currently breeding any of our five Straight Egyptian mares. Two of the mares are aged, but we do have three breeding age mares, two of which are Prince Rex daughters. Perhaps in the future will will return to producing quality Arabians, but for now, we will concentrate on remodeling this farm to suit us and enjoying the horses we already have. We do welcome visitors, but please call ahead to make sure we will be home.

The Sheldons
151 Denson Rd., Lawrenceburg, TN 38464
email: info@rapturearabians.com
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